Resources for our alumni networks

校友 are part of the OD体育平台 family, and our best ambassadors.

You share experiences and memories with those who studied before you, 那些和你一起学习的人, and those who will soon join the alumni community.


  • represents alumni communities
  • 提供建议
  • 股票的经历
  • connects alumni with each other and the University.


We've created the networking toolkit below to provide you with the resources and support you need to lead your alumni community.

  • 校友团体指引 [PDF 1.9MB] — gives you an overview of our advice for 校友 Network chapters and information on how to access support from our 校友关系 office.
  • 校友 Network terms of reference [PDF 665KB] — contains our key terms, expectations and standards, and an expression of interest form.
  • 校友活动指南 [PDF 999KB] — provides types of events, 活动计划清单, information about event promotion and downloadable resources.
  • 联机连接指南 [PDF 1.4MB] — gives you top tips about how to connect with alumni through social media groups and other websites.
  • 赠款项目 [PDF 581KB] — contains information about our 校友关系 grant program, and an application form.

How to start your own network

If you have the passion to reconnect, why not establish your own group as part of our 校友 Network?

All it takes is a few of you who share a connection through location, 教师, interests or affiliation to build a formal network.